Create a first class Technician College

Create a first class Technician College

College History

Zhuhai Technician College (ZTC) was founded in 1980, formerly known as Zhuhai Industrial School. It is the only public technical college in Zhuhai, A class of public welfare institution, state-level key technician school, the first batch of national secondary occupation education reform and development demonstration schools, the first batch of pilot units of integrated curriculum reform by Human resources and Social Security Department, high skilled talent training demonstration base of Guangdong Province and “school enterprise dual system”demonstration college in Guangdong. ZTC is the only technical college visited by country’s supreme leader. In 21th December 2009, Hu Jintao, when supreme leader visited our college, said “no first-class technicians, no first-class products”, this words inspire students in technical schools to innovate and forge ahead.

College Mission

ZTC persists in the vocational education concept “adhere to the basic moral education, serve for improvement,oriented by job promotion, focus on education quality, based on local market, serve for the industry”. Led by the philosophy of high level development, cooperation between college and enterprise, international cooperation, diversification of college running models, highlighting of the characteristic, ZTC practices with great efforts to nurture first-class teachers, cultivate first-class technical talents and build first-class technician college. We strive to make our college become the be loved harmonious and happy spiritual home. Teachers can “work happy, live happy”, students will“learn well, play well, live well”.We make tireless efforts to realize the sustainable development of teachers and students, wholeheartedly improve the college to be first-class one and cultivate more high qualified talents to serve the economic and social development in Zhuhai.

College Status

Floor space and Planning

ZHT has two campuses Jida and Jinwan, total area of 295 mu (a unit of area, 1 mu =0.0667 hectares).Campus Jida covers an area of 75 mu, expansion planning construction area of 80,000 ㎡. Campus Jinwan covers an area of 220 mu, planning construction area 10,000㎡.The new campus project is a key livelihood project in Zhuhai.First-stage project with 45,000 ㎡ in Campus Jida comes into service in 1th July 2017.Project in Campus Jinwan is expected to be completed in September 2018. Campus Jida is planned for key construction of 4 major groups: information technology, modern commerce, modern service, creative design; Campus Jinwan is planned for key construction of 3 major groups: mechanical technology, electric technology, electronic technology. After the completion of the new campus project, ZHT will become a "seven in one" modern technician college with a set of technical education, skills training, skills identification, public training, skills competition, technical service and test site.

Specialty setup and students cultivation

ZHT has 7 professional groups(mechanical technology, electric technology, information technology, electronic technology, creative design, modern service and modern commerce)with 23 specialties, 6 of which are appraised as provincial demonstrative specialty, 4 are appraised as state-level model majors under construction.We have 5000 fulltime students,enrollment ratio of senior technician and technician preparatory is 100%. ZHT education includes preliminary technician(4 years after high school), senior technician(3 years after high school, 5 years after junior high school).The employment rate of our graduates is 99.5%. Graduates from our College are highly welcomed by famous enterprises like GREE electric appliance, Zhuhai water group, CRRC, Flex, Kingsoft, Lenovo etc.

Connotation development highlight college characteristic

ZHT adheres to new mode of training high qualified skilled personnel like the school-enterprise cooperation, integration of production and education, in-depth exploration of “introducing classroom into factory”,“bring factory to the school”and “modern apprenticeship”.Cooperated with enterprises we start“Ordered training”class, establish enterprise campus, introduce enterprise project to college, offer staff skills enhancement training for key enterprises in Zhuhai.The college has made great effort to promote the teaching reform of integration of work and study, let the students “learning by working”to realize the integration of theoretical and practical teaching, professional learning and practical working, ability training and job docking.The basic concepts and practices of integrated curriculum reform have been carried out in all specialty and courses like Chinese, Math, English, Moral Education etc.

In the area of international cooperation, we actively carry out cooperation and exchange.German vocational education dual system has been introduced with Sino-German MTU Training Center. With over 15 years MTU class experience we introduce the advanced vocational education concept and teaching method to a number of fraternal colleges in and outside Guangdong province and receive widespread approval.Cooperated with Siemens and Epcos we establish separately training center of SIEMENS advanced automation technology and production training center. Under the framework of cooperation between Guangdong and Macau, we carry out “one test and two certificates”identify model. In April 2017 we signed a cooperation agreement with government fo Zimbabwe to support its development of vocational education. In addition, we have also co-worked with large multinational enterprises and well-known universities in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and other countries to train high-level modern technicians.

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